10+ Most Amazing Lighthouse-Inspired Ornaments You Should Have At Home


lighthouse ornaments

For many house owners the garden is the central piece of the property and taking care of it is a very important task to do in a regular basis. In addition to a well cut grass, decorations are also focal elements that can distinguish your garden from the others, while making it a lovely and relaxing place where you can spend some time with your family, play with your children and do a party with your friends.

A truly amazing and original way to embellish your outdoor space is placing lawn lighthouses. So attractive in the real life, they inspire the creation of ornaments of all kind, going beyond garden decorations and bringing this design also indoors and even in the kitchen.

In this article we will show you a top 10+ selection of lighthouse-inspired ornaments. When you see these items you will be in AHHH. These lighthouse towers by far will be the focal point of any house, yard, garden or neighbourhood for that matter. You will be the hit of the neighbourhood with this wonderfully built hand-crafted lighthouses. This top list of the most stunning lighthouses decorations will blow your mind, making you desire to buy or make one, or have a garden, if you don’t own one yet.

1. Painted pot lighthouse.

4 pots lighthouse painted ornament


2. Concrete lighthouse fountain: a long lasting multi-purpose garden ornament.

concrete lighthouse fountain


3. LED Lighthouse. A design for an octagon lamp for simulating a lighthouse 6 second round trip flash. More info here.

led lighthouse


4. Lighthouse Doll House. Very detailed and charming. A creation by NanasMinis.com 

lighthouse dollhouse


5. Lighthouse Mailbox. What a pleasure to deliver your mail.

lighthouse mailbox


6. Lighthouse Playhouse. When you would like to admire and enjoy your garden to the fullest.
You can buy it on lighthouseman.com website

lighthouse playhouses


7. Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Towers. You can call for pricing The Macdonald Brthers’ North Country SHEDS.

lighthouse storage sheds


8. Lighthouse Wind Chime.

lighthouse wind chime


9. Mordheim lighthouse. Inspired by the “Mordheim: City of the Damned” fantasy battle video game.

mordheim lighthouse

It’s been created by “TheRat” and came 1st in the “Reach For The Sky Competition”. To discover how it’s been made you can read the artist web page.


10. Mosaic lighthouse. A real lighthouse out of cement and stone by Heart Windows Art.

mosaic lighthouse


11. Lovely stone effect lighthouse-inspired fountain made of resin. You can buy it here.

outdoor stone effect lightouse fountain


12. Solid wood lighthouse CD / shelf / display cabinets / display.



13. Tiffany style stained glass lighthouse lamp. To create a new atmosphere in your bedroom.

stained glass lighthouse lamp


14. Tall lighthouse yard ornament. It stands out and makes your lawn the “king of all gardens”.

tall sky blue lighthouse yard ornament


15. Sugar Cookies and Icing Lighthouse. Are you not attracted by ornaments? What about bringing them to your kitchen to start eating a delicious cake? You can learn how to make it here

the sugar cookie sheffield island lighthouse


Do you have a garden? How do you like to decorate it? Would you use some of these lighthouse-inspired ornaments?

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