How To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes With A Liquid Diet And No Medications: The Exciting Results Of A New Trial


A new stunning study and trial may give the humanity the ultimate cure to Type 2 diabetes and change the way we trait it and live: a liquid and low calorie diet.

According to the trial, a 12 months intensive diet based on low calorie soups and shakes may put Type 2 diabetes into remission without any medication.

The Diabetes Remission Clinical trial was funded by Diabetes UK and around 300 people (aged 20-65 years) from Scotland and the Tyneside region of England took part in it. Half of them was treated with a standard care from their GP, the other half received a weight management programme. After 12 months, the results on the 46% of them were astonishing: the Type 2 diabetes was in remission. Now they no longer need any standard medication (a form of slavery removed from their life – Ed.).

liquid diets defeat diabetes 2

This new discovery is a crucial step into the cure of the disease, considering there are around 4.5 million people suffering from diabetes only in the UK Their fault (or the cause)? A bad lifestyle, a poor diet, no physical activity and, by consequence, excess weight (in addition to genetics in some cases). A life style that not only causes diabetes, but generates a vicious circle with many other dangerous conditions such as stroke, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. Devastating consequences that will make our life a “hell on earth” and we are the only ones responsible of that.

Therefore, Type 2 diabetes can be considered a chronic disorder that requires lifelong treatment. But now things may change for good. The findings have been published in The Lancet medical journal, and the results are very exciting (as Lead researcher Professor Roy Taylor, from Newcastle University said). Remission occurred for a substantial percentage of patients who lost either 5 to 10kg or 10 to 15kg.

liquid diets defeat diabetes type 2

Now the trial will continue for other three years with an additional donation of £300,000 by the charity. This will allow the researchers to understand the long-term effects, as well as the cost and effectiveness of the programme.

In conclusion, the trial demonstrates that a healthy diet can be both an effective prevention and remedy against this disease (and many others) – Ed. Anyone already knows (or should know) a healthy and responsible diet and life style are the best things to do at any age, therefore it’s all up to our will.

So, why so many people in the world are still sick? Maybe don’t we really want to live healthy, or do we have a distorted conception of health and happiness? What do you think? Which diet do you follow? What benefits have you received so far?


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