Living Humans in a Painting? Watch What’s Happened


Do you like art, paintings, going to the museum? Do you think art is your life or that some paintings are so real that they looks like alive?

Well, in this museum something astonishing and mysterious is happening: paintings are getting alive.
Is that real? Have we jumped right into a Harry Potter film? In this video the visitors of this museum seems to be not really aware of what’s happening right in front of them – or behind them. A man is coming out from a paint to court his “painted girlfriend” with “painted flowers”.

The truth is that the author of this trick is very clever and good in digital effects, building the right scenario and picking up the right moments to create a real magic, at least in the video … and it’s a real fun that made this guy famous worldwide. Yes, his name Zach King and he is a film-maker, Instagrammer and YouTuber and he is a “genius” in creating “stories that can make people smile”, as he states on his Instagram profile, especially with his vines.

This American Vine star is based in Los Angeles and started making videos at the age of 7, loving to entertain people, making them laugh and wonder about life. With the use of video effects and software, yet thanks to the choice of the right moments to mix together along with his wide creativity, Zach King makes videos that look like a real magic and even though we might know it’s just a fiction, the entertainment is granted.

Therefore, enjoy your life and don’t take everything serious: just have a moment of fun watching this “living painting” and tell us which artwork you recognize. Yet, if you know other tricks or clever guys, do not hesitate to advise us: we are hungry of cool stuff!

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