Lose 5 kg in A Month Without Dieting Drinking This


Today we reveal how to lose 5 kg in a month without dieting and without efforts.

Nature provides us with incredible benefits always, but very often we do not give enough importance to these foods and we run into strange diets, restrictive and harmful supplements for our body.

In fact there are some diets that make you lose weight quickly, but as soon as you stop the diet you take every kg lost, that’s what we try to avoid, so here the natural recipe to lose 5 kg in a month:

Take a container, pour in 2 liters of still water, put a piece of fresh ginger root of about 6 cm cutting it into small pieces (so immediately release substances that abound).

Let the ginger soaked all night, in the morning raised the pieces of ginger and add half a lemon squeezed.

Losing weight with herbal tea, ginger

Put this drink in a bottle and drink it throughout the day as if it were normal water. If you go to work prepared the half-liter bottles to carry around.

Combined with this drink a healthy, balanced diet, without exceeding harmful fats, refined sugars and junk food. If you devote a little ‘to the sport, a running or a simple daily walk they’re fine.

Another very important thing is to remember to drink a glass of this water before each meal, so in the morning on an empty stomach, before the morning snack, before lunch and before dinner.

This drink is in fact able to foster a sense of satiety and help you to eat less.

Ginger fact promotes detoxification, allows a greater loss of excess fluid (thereby counteracting cellulite), deflated and speeds up metabolism and burn fat accumulated over time.

How about then? Try?

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