Lost Cat Lives 50 Days Alone Inside Madrid Airport Before Being Rescued

sole cat lost spain
Silvia Pitarresi

On 11th July 2017 an Italian woman from Turin left her city to reach Marrakech for work purposes. But during the layover at the Madrid Barajas airport, the airlines, the woman said, lost something extremely important to her: a member of her family whose name is Sole. She got lost at the airport and must have lived there roaming around for 50 days before something hoped but, maybe unexpected, happened.

After Tom Hanks in “The Terminal” film, who got stuck in the New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, another creature followed the same destiny. But this time it was for real.

This is the story of Silvia Pitarresi who lives ‘alone’ with one dog and two cats that are not just animals but like her family members. Since they can’t stay at home alone, she decided to bring them with her. Unfortunately, one cat carrier, for some reason, opened and Sole – a red long hair cat – escaped, getting missed for almost two months.

sole cat lost in madrid
Silvia Pitarresi

When Silvia realised that, she felt desperate. Denied to research the cat personally because it was a reserved area, allowed only to the airport personnel, the cat’s owner started to publish several posts on social networks asking the community to help her in finding her loved poor cat. She even launched a petition on Change.org, both in Italian and Spanish language, with the hope to raise awareness and grow the support.

While Silvia accused Iberia or Aena to have worked not totally professionally, the airlines replied that it’s never happened before and the cat carrier might have been, in some way, already damaged.

The owner accused the airlines to have treated the cat like a simple baggage and not to have put enough effort for an active research.

sole cat lost airport madrid
Silvia Pitarresi

But after 50 days, despite the complaints, when Silvia was losing her hope and starting to give up, she received the big announcement. Borja San Juan, from “Vidas de Gato” Organization, contacted her informing that Sole was finally found and could come back home.

The Iberia airlines press office confirmed the incident and assured they never stopped searching the cat and, at the end, she’s been found.

This is another happy ending story and now Sole has been reunited with her ‘family and mum’, hoping she will spend many many happy years with those who love her with all their heart.

Do you have any pets? How is it for you and your family?

Credits: Quotidiano Piemontese


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