10-Month-Old Mexican Baby Already Weight 30kg But His Life May Be In Great Danger

worlds fattest baby luis manuel

Can a 10-month-old kid weight like a 9-year-old boy? In Mexico this is a reality, but it’s a sad story and parents are struggling to cure him and solve his son’s problem.

This is Luis Manuel from Tecoman (western Colima, Mexico). He’s always hungry and eats so much that just one month after his birth, Luis already wore clothes for a 2-year-old kid.

Is it just parent’s negligence? Do they simply “stuff” their baby with too much – maybe unhealthy – food?

luis manuel worlds fattest baby in bed

Luis Manuel has been living in this world for just 10 months and he’s already 30kg (4st 10lbs). Quite impressive if we think I weight just around 20kg more, but I’m much much older.

So what’s the reason? His family? The food? Photoshop? Unfortunately, there’s nothing to laugh for: doctors fear he has Prader-Willi syndrome, a complex genetic condition that affects many parts of the body.

luis manuel worlds fattest baby sitting

This condition, if starts in childhood, can lead the affected kid to develop an insatiable appetite, increasing the risk of obesity and hyperphagia (a chronic overeating). The other bad news is that the syndrome can cause type 2 diabetes mellitus (the most common), in addition to feeding difficulties, poor growth, and delayed development.

At a first sight, Luis could just look like a cute, ‘soft’ baby, maybe the world’s fattest one. But there’s nothing to feel happy for, and now you know why. Luis may need expensive medical treatments if the diagnosis is confirmed, but his family is quite poor and can’t afford them.

luis manuel worlds fattest baby chair

That’s why Mr Mario Gonzalez and his wife Isabel Pantoja, parents of Luis Manuel, have launched a fund-raising campaign, so that they can collect enough money to save his son.

They opened a bank account to allow well-wishers to donate some money. Anyone who desires to help him can contact the mother Isabel Pantoja Martínez on Facebook.

Do you like babies and their cuteness? We hope this Mexican family can save their son and keep him cute and healthy, living a long and normal life.


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