Lulu, The Sweet Pup Fired By CIA Because Not Interested In Detecting Explosives


lulu dog fired from cia

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and also help CIA in detecting explosives. But when Lulu didn’t show any interest she was ‘fired’.

We are the Nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.” This is the Bio you can read on the CIA (USA Central Intelligence Agency) Twitter profile.

One way they use to accomplish their missions is the help of dogs, employed to detect explosives as K-9s. Dangerous missions that sometimes not every pups may be willing to do. This is what happened to Lulu, a charming and sweet black fur female dog that may have surely a very good sense of smell, but didn’t show any interest in explosive odours, even after testing.

Therefore, the Agency announced publicly, on a twitter post, that Lulu’s experience into defence was over and after few weeks they would stop the training.

Like humans, dogs have also good and bad days when it comes to learn something new, the agency said. But after few days, pups usually start working well. This didn’t happen, for whatever reason, to Lulu.

Why do dogs have bad days?

According to CIA, a pup may be bored and needs some extra playtime or simply a break time. In other cases, a minor medical condition such as a food allergy may be the cause. Reasons can be a million and the trainers must transform themselves into doggy psychologists to find the ‘cure’ and help them.

But what if the issue is not temporary? Keep going with the training could harm the physical and mental well-being of K-9s. And when Lulu didn’t show any interest, even when motivated with food and play, it meant she was no longer enjoying herself.

Like for humans, this condition is not good at all. Therefore they made the difficult decision and did what was best for Lulu: stop the training.

And now what? What happens when a pup is removed or retires from a K-9 program? Is it abandoned, condemned to live a poor, lonely and desperate life? Don’t worry guys, if we are talking about it, it means there’s a happy ending…again.

In this cases the handler and their family are given the chance to adopt the dog…and the good news is that many do it. CIA kept its words giving Lulu the best chance ever: being adopted by her handler. Now she enjoys happy days playing with kids and a new friend, and going around the backyard to sniff out rabbits and squirrels.

A touching comment by a user says: “What a great thread. Dogs are like people…even if someone is able to do a job, doesn’t mean they like it or are cut out for it. Thank you, CIA, for having Lulu’s best interests at heart. She looks like a darling girl.

How not to agree with the user. This is definitely true for both animals and humans, although ‘relocating’ a pet is sometimes easier. Lulu is now retired but we are sure she’s been living the good and happy life she deserves.

Do you like dogs and Lulu? What do you think is the best place for them?


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