How to Make a Folding Longboard and Easily Bring it Everywhere

Folding Longboard
Matt Carl

Do you like riding longboards but not carrying them? They may be useful, but when it comes to stop riding and bring your longboard with yourself, carrying them can be tiring or uncomfortable. Fortunately, now we may have found the ultimate solution.

First of all, let’s know this vehicle better.

“A longboard is a type of sports equipment similar to a skateboard, but much longer. Often faster because of wheel size, longboards are commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, dancing, long distance racing, and transport”.
(source: Wikipedia)

Longboards are skateboards in terms of parts and general construction. They are composed by decks, trucks, bushings, riser pads, bearings and wheels. However, the parts generally have different dimensions and the wheels may be much softer, which makes them feel quite different from the ubiquitous skateboard. Longboards for sliding, however, have relatively hard wheels.

So, this kind of vehicle may be surely useful and funny to ride long the streets. Alone or with your friends, you can have surely a lot of fun. You can even use it as an easy way to move through the city and avoid the so annoying traffic.

But if you think a longboard could be unhandy, this guy may have found the definitive solution to make it folding, so that you can handle it better and even find more places to store it, without the need for large locations.

Let’s watch this video and discover how to build it in your garage.


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