How To Make The Ultimate Stone Lighthouse Lamp


lighthouse lamp from natural stone

Do you like awesome artworks, furniture and ornaments? Do you know how to hand-craft objects at home?

At the end of this video you will learn how to build a lighthouse lamp weighting about 20 kg (44lbs). Quite heavy but very impressive. A custom original lamp that anybody would love to have in his own house or business.

This can be considered a real piece of art and it’s made by a Finnish serious hobbyist who likes using metal, wood, stone, leather, glass, fabric, plastic and more to produce furniture, artworks, shop and tool related projects, blades and knives.

This video is so inspirational and entertaining that you won’t stop watching it. So let’s see how to create this stunning item.

What will you get?

A model lighthouse lamp made from natural stone and with a lot of creativity.

p.s. this lighthouse is entirely fictitious, not based on any real construction.

What do you need?

  • natural solid stone
  • sand
  • grout
  • wood
  • metal
  • glass
  • paint
  • screws
  • nails
  • glue
  • sticky tape
  • light bulb
  • switch
  • equipment
  • … and a lot of dexterity and skill

How can you do it?

Natural stone is a free, often neglected, but visually pleasing material. It cuts fairly easily using an angle grinder and diamond abrasive discs.

The rest is well explained on this amazing video. A step-by-step guide where you can see this master at work, producing the ultimate model lamp that will attract the attention of all your guests either at home or in a commercial building.


What if you place it inside a restaurant or fish shop? Where else would you use it? Would you like to see more from this artist? Visit his FinnCrafted YouTube channel.

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