Extraordinary Mammoth Specimen Up For Auction In Lyon, Coming Right From The Ice Age


mammoth up for auction in lyon front

This month, one week before Christmas, you can have much more than snow: a piece of the Ice Age dated back 15,000 years ago. Next 16th December 2017 a massive woolly mammoth specimen will be for sale and you can be the lucky owner. It will happen in Lyon and buyers for all around the world will be welcome to the auction.

Do you want to give a peculiar and memorable look and atmosphere to your residential or business hall? In few days anyone, capable of spending between 450 and 490,000 Euros, can get a stunning mammoth skeleton and it will look impressive. Collectors and museums are gladly accepted too.

mammoth up for auction in lyon

Some figures to have an idea of the giant size of this piece of history:

  • Origin: Siberia
  • Length: over 5 metres;
  • Height: 3.5 metres;
  • Tusks: 3 metres long.

Do you have a pretty large hall? Next 16th December remember to be in Lyon for the great auction and bring back home an extraordinary mammoth. You will follow the example of a wine cellar owner who bought a mammoth skeleton for 150,000 Euros in 2006, and put it on display. But this time the value will be much more substantial, let’s imagine the effect on visitors.


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