Emotional Close Encounter Between a Man and Wild Dangerous Animals


If you are an animal lover and like everything nature shares with us, this is the right place for you. For sure you feel warmly excited whenever you have a close encounter with fluffy cute pets.

But what if the protagonist is the wildlife? What if you find yourself so close to carnivorous wild animals that you can touch each other?

Would it be still cute and charming? Would it be a fearing and shocking moment (maybe your last minute of life on this planet)?

In this article we are going to talk about crocodiles, bears and lions. We will see what it happens when a man have a close encounter with one or more of these wild animals.

Will it be dangerous? There will be some fight? Who do you think will win?

First of all, let’s do a little introduction to know these animals better.


large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Their physical traits allow them to be a successful predator. The large species can reach over 5.2mt (17 ft) long and weigh over 900 kg (2,000 lb). (Source: Wikipedia).


large dog like mammals found all around the world. There are eight different species in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (mainly the Americas, Europe and Asia). They generally have an excellent sense of smell and are also fantastic at climbing trees, swimming and are able to run at speeds of up to 35 mph for short periods of time. You can know more about theme here.


the only cats that live in groups, which are called prides (units that may include up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young). These intimidating animals mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf. More info on National Geographic.

So, now that you know more about these big animals, you can see what happens when a man get in touch (a very close touch) with a “scary” big crocodile, massive brown and white bears, and two “fierce” lions.

How will it end? There will be hugs and kisses or just bites? Will they be friendly or enemies? Will they rub or scratch?

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