Male Mermaids Go Into A Calendar To Help Research On Mental Health: The New 2018 MerB’ys Calendar


merbys calendar male mermaids

Mermaids have always been into our imagination: they inspired us, they populated our dreams, fairy tales and have been an important subjects for films and cartoons. In 2018 these legendary aquatic creatures – that enchanted hundreds of men – will become male and hairy in the Merb’ys Calendar.

Unusual look, poses and locations make it a perfect gadget to attract people’s attention and this is particularly important if we think about the main purpose of the project: a charity calendar that aims to raise money for the mental health research.

For the occasion, Newfoundland & Labrador Beard & Mustache Club partnered with Spirit Horse NL. Spirit Horse NL aims to enhance the mental health and life skills of youth, adults, families, and groups through therapeutic interaction with horses.

But this time another kind of animal will support the initiative: bearded fish. Dressed with just a mermaid tail, male models posed in unexpected places to have some good fun and help a good cause.

Among pumpkins

merbys calendar male mermaids pupkins


On the snow

merbys calendar male mermaids on snow


In a barber shop

merbys calendar male mermaids barber



On the beach

merbys calendar male mermaids in beach


On the river

merbys calendar male mermaids on river


In an Irish pub

merbys calendar male mermaids pub

Would you like one? You can buy it here.

What do you think about this project? Do you prefer mermen or mermaids?


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