Mermaid Blankets Made For The Ariel Within You


As a child, watching Ariel’s tail whooshing within the depths of the ocean was a sight to behold. Since then, mermaids have been a mystical fantasy that we secretly always wanted to be a part of, but were stuck with mundane human legs!

However, with winter arising, our fantasies may just come to life with the perfect trend. The mermaid blankets are stitched to perfection, bringing to life the mermaid’s tail while providing comfort and warmth to make us feel cozier than ever.

So grab your blankets, at an amazing price, from a myriad of colors and designs to choose from – and let the beautiful mermaid look come to life.

chic-colorful-rhombus-design-knitting-mermaid-shape     fisches-scales-knitted-tail-blanket


multicolor-striped-knitted-tail-blanket     red-knitted-tail-blanket

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