Mimi Choi Makeup Artist And Her 20+ Stunning Optical Illusions


31 year-old Canadian makeup artist Mimi Choi creates stunning hypnotic optical illusions on herself. The pictures are getting viral and people are so astonished and in love.

Art has always been a way to impress people and stimulate our emotions and mind. Evolved through the centuries, it can now be expressed through makeup and this girl is not just an artist, she’s a kind of illusionist who loves playing with people’s imagination and mind.

This makeup artist is so talented and her creations so impressive that we decided to select some of them. They are some of the most incredible illusions I’ve ever seen in the world, considering the canvas is a living human face and body. So let’s begin the fantastic journey into the mind-blowing optical illusions of Mimi Choi.


1. Cut Fingers…painful?

cut fingers


2. Split Personality…(or cut in half face).

mimi choi split personality


3. Faded Eyes…don’t you feel dizzy?

mimi choi faded eyes


4. Facial Collage…a 3.5 hours painting work.

facial collage



5. Silly Hole In One Arm…very surreal.

mimi choi silly hole in one arm


6. Sectioned Kiwi Face…to kiss or to eat?

mimi choi sectioned kiwi face


7. Chopped Body…stunning indeed.

mimi choi chopped body illusion


8. Zipper Hand…so real.

mimi choi zipper hand



9. Tongue In Drawer…do you have the key to open it?

mimi choi tongue in drawer


10. Dog Face…impressive transformation.

mimi choi dog face


11. Octopus Lip Art…ready for a seafood kiss?

mimi choi octopus lip


12. Peeled Face

mimi choi peeled face



13. Coin Eyes…how can you see me?

mimi choi coin eyes


14. Snake Brow

mimi choi snake brow


15. Broken Porcelain Doll Look

mimi choi broken porcelain doll look


16. Cracked Hand…a great Halloween idea?

mimi choi cracked hand



17. Snake Lips…are you afraid of reptiles?

mimi choi snake lips


18. Severed Harm…so realistic guys…and no Photoshop used.

mimi choi severed arm


19. Sliced and Shifted Face…tricky illusion!

mimi choi sliced shifted face



20. Tree Creep…when humans become vegetables!

mimi choi tree creep


21. Fish and Sushi Hands…what’s for dinner today?

mimi choi fish sushi hands


Do you feel impressed? You can follow Mimi Choi makeup artistry on her Instagram profile and let us know what you think…she may eventually become your personal makeup artist for your next party or show.


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