Miraculous Face Transplant Gave This Man A New Life: See How He Is Now


andy sandness before accident

It was 23th December back in 2006 when Andy Sandness tried to commit a suicide but realized he’d made a terrible mistake.

Two days before Christmas Andy Sandness was very sad and depressed, got drunk and grabbed his rifle, ready to say goodbye to the world. But when the police arrived he was still there, begging “Please, don’t let me die! I don’t want to die!”.

He was rushed to the hospital and treated in several clinics. After several unsuccessful treatments by Dr. Samir Mardini (specializes in facial reconstruction) the miraculous solution came out: a face transplant.

andy sandness before face transplant
Courtesy Mayo Clinic News Network

A face transplant is a skin graft that involves replacing part or all of a patient’s face with a donor face. You can know more by reading a research study by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

After 50 hours of practice and a delicate long surgery, Sandness successfully received a new face and life. But the providential intervention arrived from Lilly Ross – after years of long wait – who decided to donate her late husband’s facial tissue to perform the surgery. His husband died, also after shooting himself in the head – what a coincidence.

On this pictures and video you will see what’s happened and the astonishing results of this amazing face transplant.

andy sandness after face transplant
Courtesy Mayo Clinic News Network

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