Underwater Model Swam Naked With 10+ Sharks to Prove They Are Peaceful

irina britanova swam with shark
Andrey Nekrasov

27 year-old Russian underwater model Irina Britanova decided to participate in a stunning photography project by Andrey Nekrasov (45 year-old). With the aim to highlight the beauty of nature and the peaceful attitude of most sharks, she swam completely naked among 10 or more of them in The Maldives sea, and they seemed not perturbed at all.

Andrey Nekrasov

Irina showed all her braveness getting close to the sharks, swimming with them, touching their back and holding their fins. All of this holding her breath at a depth of 55ft. These animals are generally peaceful, but with the possibility to bite if scared.

irina britanova swam naked with sharks
Andrey Nekrasov

Although the model was naked, “the purpose of the photos was to capture the beauty of nature without showing any vulgarity” the artist said.

Swimming naked meant staying in the depths of the Indian ocean without any diving equipment: a tough challenge that gave this astonishing result.

irina britanova swam naked with shark
Andrey Nekrasov

According to Andrey words, the Tawny nurse sharks (also called Euro Nebrius ferrugineus) involved in the project showed some curiosity and approached closely.

Enjoy also this amazing video about night dances with sharks.

Would you swim with sharks and get close to them…to be photographed naked? Do you think swimming naked really keeps the attention on sharks and nature rather than making people focused only on the model’s body?


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