Mortal Kombat Elevator Encounter: Fight or Fright?


Who has entered into an elevator in his life at least once? Probably almost anyone (at least in this Era), except those who are afraid of it (for whatever reason). So, do you like elevators or do you panic riding it? Well, after watching this video, you might probably reconsider your opinion and feelings.

How would you react if you encounter a violent guy while riding the elevator?
What would you think if you realize your companion into the elevator is a real human character from Mortal Kombat and he starts beating you?
Would you fight back and practice the “ultimate martial art technique” you learned from some Bruce Lee blockbuster movies?
Would you run away (if you can open the door without falling down and crash on the ground)?
Would you scream or try to protect yourself in some way?

While you are trying to reply to these questions, discover how others reacted – some even in a surprising way, especially the last one – when they found themselves face to face with this “dangerous fighter”.

All right guys, now you know it was just a prank. Our “Mortal Kombat fighter” here is Yousef Saleh Erakat dressed like Sub Zero and Raidan characters from the famous Mortal Kombat video game. He is a film maker and this funny video of his collected more than 100 millions views – at the moment we write this article. You can enjoy other pranks videos of him on his YouTube channel.

In conclusion, today we learned that we should never get into the elevator … with a Mortal Kombat fighter inside and an announcer screamingTest your might” or “Finish him!”, unless you are clever enough and have a good sense of humor.

How would you react? What do you think about the reaction of these “victims”? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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