Most Haunted House In Spain: The Story, Photos And Videos Of Casa Encantada

casa encantada
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If you are a horror movie fan and like paranormal activities, you probably love haunted houses and chase ghosts at every angle of abandoned places. For all of you who see yourself in this description, this is the right place. This is the story about what’s believed to be the most haunted house in Spain (Europe) and its evolution across the centuries. How it was before and how it is now.

Its name is “Casa Encantada”, also known as “Cortijo Jurado”, which means “Enchanged House” and it was built in the 19th century by one of the wealthiest families of Andalucia, the Heredia family of Malaga.

enchanted house heredia family
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With 365 windows, the mansion was built to become part of a grand agricultural enterprise – at least this was the plan. But terrible crimes and tortures were supposed to have happened long time ago and then the legend of the creepiest Spanish house began around 1850 with strange noises, lights in rooms that appear and disappear, objects moving for apparently no reason and mysterious figures walking around.

After 1925 when the Jurado family became the owner, it’s been always difficult to sell the property or for people who risked to live in, to stay for long due to the number of ghostly apparitions.

cortijo jurado
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But what happened that may have caused such scary incidents?

The legend goes that the Heredia family would bond with other rich families of the time and they would kidnap girls between the ages of 18 and 21 to be subjected to dark satanic rituals, some involving rape, murder and cruel and bloody methods of torture. They say their body may be buried within the property. But even though many girls actually did go missing during the time, no one can prove that the Heredia family was the culprit.

Jose Carlos Castro | Flickr

The house attracted the interest of many people passionate about paranormal phenomena and a group of teenagers, who recently visited the mansion, came running away totally scared after what happened to them.

house tower black and white
Jose Carlos Castro | Flickr

They started conducting an ouija board session inside and what they witnessed literally terrorised them. They told they contacted a 12-year-old little girl called “Elena” who revealed them to have been kidnapped and murder into the house after a lot of pains.

When the group asked if she was alone and where she was buried the creepy reply was the words  “not alone”,”girls”, “patio” and “4(metres)”. Totally scared the group ran away and saw a light that was pointing to a place on the patio.

Maybe she was trying to ask some help to find her and the others, with the hope to rest in peace.

You can see have a “tour” inside the house on this video:

Catherine O’Connor investigates the most haunted house in Andalucia.

But in 2004 a project was started to renovate the house and convert it in a luxury hotel with 210 rooms, despite all the previous difficulties and incidents. You can see the house after renovation here:

An aerial view of the renovated house, taken with a drone. You can see the new walls and painting and the sorrounding area destined to become a hotel.

Unfortunately, works stopped because of the economic crisis. The building had been even on sale on idealista and was quoted 16 million Euros.

Who knows if the mansion will find some peace one day, and with it the poor souls trapped inside.

Credits: Oddity World


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