British Mum Spends Time With His Son Doing An Unusual Hobby: Shark Teeth Collection


collection shark teeth

Who’s afraid of sharks? Who’s fascinated by them? We’ve seen people swimming with sharks, we showed people who took stunning pictures of sharks, but we’ve never seen shark collectors so far. This is what a British mother has been doing with her son for years and her collection is becoming huge and stunning. She collects shark teeth and some of them might be more than hundred-thousand-year-old.

Her name is Vikki Attridge and if you would like to see and meet her you must go to England. In just two years, Vikki (27) and her son William, collected over 3,000 samples (with an average of 100 teeth per day).

vikki attridge shark teeth collection

For two years, mother and son have been spending their time in Dovercourt Beach (UK), and their hobby is different from any others. Instead of swimming, ‘melting’ under the sun or building a gorgeous sand castle, they’ve been going around to research and bring to light (or unearth) peculiar sea life jewellery. It took only a couple of years to find and collect thousands of teeth from one of the wildest and most lethal marine predators: shark.

vikki attridge search shark teeth

Their collection is stunning and looks like it comes from a museum. But this is, indeed, the result of days and months of mother-son bonding. This time, among their selfies, you won’t find the usual park background, ice cream, toys, puppies or flowering lawns. To remember their ‘adventure’ there are teeth, from small to big, some of them like fossils, which any ocean geologists would like to own (Ed).

shark teeth collection vikki attridge

Have you ever found something cool in the beach? What do you usually love to collect? We will be happy to see your collection and share it with the whole world.


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