Massive Mysterious Marine Creature Found Beached In Texas City And It Has Sharp Teeth

mysterious marine creature beached texas
Preeti Desai

Preeti Desai is a girl from U.S. who likes photography, reading, nature, wildlife and science, and in 6th September 2017 she was walking on the beach in Texas City when something attracted her attention.

Preeti has encountered and caught on camera many animals so far, you can easily realise that when you see her Twitter profile. But this time the subject was monstrous, big – quite big – and was resting on the beach, washed ashore, and its look was really mysterious.

She got a closer look and immediately took pictures that went viral and raised loads of hypothesis and funny theories when she posted them on social media. The incident was so stunning that many magazines wrote about it, hoping to solve the mystery eventually.

giant marine creature beached texas
Preeti Desai

But what is it? How is it? Where did it come from?

At first, from a far distance, Preeti thought about a “sea lamprey“, but she didn’t expect she would discover something much bigger and different as she got closer: fang-like teeth, a snake shape, massive size, supposedly coming from the deep sea.

People who saw it in pictures and personally talked about some kind of eel – can you recognise the shape? Is this really the answer or did she meet a mystery alien monster such as the fictional “Graboids” species in Tremors film, like some guys ironically said?

mysterious giant marine creature beached texas
Preeti Desai

Could it be what’s commonly known as the snake eel (also called “ophichthidae“) or, as a user suggested, an “ophichthus gomesii“?

And what would you think if I tell you it could belong to the “Congridae” family (conger and garden eels)?

What about the fangtooth snake-eel (“aplatophis chauliodus“)? It has similar teeth and size, it’s a marine creature living in Western Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico to French Guiana), and it inhabits waters between 33 to 91 metres.

What if it is a specimen of “bathyuroconger vicinus” or “xenomystax congroides“?

marine creature beached texas
Preeti Desai

As for how this creature might have arrived on a Texas beach, we may suppose it’s happened after the severe weather events occurred in the region recently, with strong winds and currents – you probably heard about Hurricane Irma.

Unfortunately, the missing eyes and difficulty to clearly see the tip of the tail, make the recognition a bit harder and the mystery remains. In the meantime, you can follow the evolution of the case on Preety Desai Twitter post.

What’s your idea? Either you are an expert or not we are happy to hear from you in the comments below.


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