Girl Walks Around The Mall With Jeans And Top But She’s Naked And Just Body Painted

body painter art
Jen the Body Painter | Instagram

This daring girl decided to get naked and enter a shopping mall to see people’s reaction, challenge the system and discover if she could walk around without being banned.

This is the work of Jen The Body Painter and her daughter and people who saw their model might have not noticed she was wearing just a body paint rather than clothes. Pictures posted on social media invited users to spot the difference between real dressed women and the naked girl.

girl naked full body painted
Jen the Body Painter | Instagram

For the occasion, the model wore just real boots, hat and scarf. Then the artist painted a black top and a distressed look pair of blue jeans. From afar, she surely seems dressed and the painting is definitely stunning and realistic. But what happens when you get close?

A video shows how people reacted and based on the images they don’t seem to remain indifferent. Is it just because of the pretty well shaped model or does she still look naked?

body painted model walk through a mall naked
Jen the Body Painter | Instagram

We can’t really know and judge people’s thoughts and intentions, but we can cite facts. Images clearly show men taking pictures or recording videos, women getting surprised or shocked, people whispering to each other with a disapproving or astonished look, while others are enjoying the moment with laugh and dance.

Let’s conclude with a question, instead of a statement. What’s the purpose of this? Advertising, provocative art, social experiment, prank, search of fame, female body exploitation? What do you think? Where is now the battle against the sexual exploitation of women and girls body? Is it just hypocrisy or what? What would you think if she’s your – let’s say – mother, sister, girlfriend or wife?


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