Mysterious Remote City Nan Madol Might Be The Pacific Atlantis: The New Astounding Images From Above

nan madol island new atlantis
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It’s been uninhabited for a long long time because believed inaccessible and haunted. But now new images of the ruins, caught on camera by satellites, revealed to archaeologists this is an island with something that goes far beyond ghosts and local legends. It might be the “Atlantis” of the Pacific. Welcome to Nan Madol.

This ancient city is located out off the coast of the Micronesia island of Pohnpei. According to experts, it was a political and religious centre, yet home and cemetery to the first ruling elite caste. It was discovered in 1928 and now, thanks to the new technology available, scientists were able to explore it more in detail. New astounding images from above led them to think it might be a lost world, the Atlantis of the Pacific, that lies in the middle of the ocean, far from any known civilizations.

beach nan madol island
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Composed by 97 small artificial islets, separated from each other by narrow channels of water, and once capital of the Saudeleur dynasty, its origin is dated back to the second century AD. The satellite images show megalithic stone buildings, with walls 25m high and 17m wide. It’s been calculated that 750,000 tons of black rock were used to build such majestic structures. It would be 1,850 tons moved each year and without our contemporary technology. We still wonder how this ancient civilization could do that, like the Egyptians did with the pyramids.

wall nan madol island
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A local legend says the stones have been flown to the location using black magic. But scientists disagree believing basalt boulders where shipped from the other side of the island using rafts, while palm tree trunks were used to levered them into the right position. What do you believe?

We can’t really be sure it’s the real Atlantis, but the mystery still continues, along with the legend (or fear) about ghosts infesting the islands and fire balls locals sometimes see during the night. This made it an untouchable scary place people prefer to go to only during the day.

All these islets are remarkable similar and geometrically shaped, but the reason is still unclear. And another question arises: “why did they build this city in such a remote place, in the middle of nowhere“? The mystery continues.

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