NAO Next Gen: Meet The New Companionship Robot With Infinite Applications

nao next gen robot
Aldebaran Robotics

Do you feel lonely or bored? All your family members and friends run away or live far from you? No problem, from now on your best companion may be a robot. Let’s see if it will make humanity happier or even sadder eventually.

This video is about NAO Next Gen: the new generation of humanoid robot Aldebaran Robotics is launching.

Aldebaran Robotics designs and produces kindly and interactive humanoid robotics and is the world leader in this field. The company has recently released its latest version of the NAO robot — NAO Next Gen. It’s a fully programmable humanoid robot that has the most extensive worldwide use and is opening up new perspectives and fields of application for its users.

Let’s know more about NAO

It’s 58 cm hight and has continually been evolving since the beginning of his adventure in 2006. NAO is an interactive companion robot and can perform incredible things.

nao next gen companion robot
Aldebaran Robotics

In France, at a specialised centre of the “Autistes sans Frontière” association, NAO helps Lucas to create a special and always positive bond. Lucas is now calmer and can better relate with adults.

Since 2015 NAO provides the reception and concierge services in a hotel opened in a theme park.

In 2013 seven NAO took part in a show created by the renowned choreographer Blanca Li (“ROBOTS”).

And if you are more interested in tech specifications here they are:

  • NAO is equipped with 2 cameras and features face detection and recognition functions;
  • he can perform speech recognition;
  • he comes with a choregraphe programmation software and has a whole body motion;
  • if you are afraid it will crash somewhere, don’t worry because NAO has an anti self-collision system;
  • you can do everything with him since he even has prehensile hands, four microphones and sound localisation capabilities;
  • NAO can easily move everywhere thanks to his adaptive walk;
  • and in the event he may fall down, he can stand up again like a human.

NAO Next Gen is believed to be the key for a new world of applications. Would you substitute your friend or employee with a robot?


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