High Heels Shoes With No Pains – 4 Tricks to Keep Glamour, Sexy and Tall


no pain high heells shoes

Do you like to feel and appear charming and sexy? Do you think that wearing high heels shoes can help you achieve that?

Well, if you are among these women, you also know that anything comes at a price and it can be high: pains, swelling, abrasions and blisters. But there’s a way to limit these uncomfortable problems so that you can keep feeling “tall” and “stylish” (hoping you won’t believe to be a goddess – Ed.).

A common trick used by many is probably bringing a change: comfortable low shoes to use before or after your “important moment”. But the following 4 easy suggestions will help you even more and save your day when you decide to show yourself up and be the “star” of the situation.

1. Never wear them brand new.

Try them on for at least one week, before the special moment/event comes.

2. Exactly the right size (no more, no less).

Don’t be tempted to think that larger is better, because your foot would slip forward with the obvious discomfort, pain and injuries.

3. “Learn to walk before you can run”.

A step-by-step approach is crucial: passing from size 5 to 12 gradually is recommended, unless you love an awkward walk and feeling pains. At least you can try platform or wedges shoes: this will allow you to gain more heigh, but avoiding or limiting any discomfort.

4. Get some helpful tool.

By using gel shoe pads / cushions / inserts, you will reduce the body pressure and alleviate the pains. They are transparent, washable and discreet (no one can see them while you wear your glamorous high heel shoes).

woman with high heells shoes

Have you already tried these tricks? What are the results? Do you have further suggestions? We would like to hear from you.

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