How North Korea Regime Conditioned A Generation: Pencil Missiles Against US Navy In A Propaganda Cartoon


north korea cartoon against usa

How far a propaganda can go? Sometimes it may be subtle, other times is definitely blatant and it’s the case of North Korea that in mid 60s released a cartoon that gets back to life in this period of big tensions with the Asian peninsula: pencils become missiles that a boy launches to destroy the US Navy.

The story goes that a boy starts to do his school works at a desk, but when he falls asleep he starts dreaming and his pencils becomes missiles against the US Navy. The boy launches them, they destroy the ‘enemy’ and the kid exults over his victory.

north korea cartoon propaganda against usa

This is a propaganda cartoon used to condition a generation and incite them against the United States. It’s believed to have been produced after the Korean War and its message is not subtle at all.

north korea cartoon against us navy

Footage from the cartoon shows the ‘brainwashing attempt’ with images that are nothing but violence and it seems they are trying to pass the message that this is a good and legitimate thing.

north korean cartoon against usa

What do you think? Is it just entertainment or what else?

Credits: Daily Mail


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