Fallen Redwood Tree Transformed Into A Gigantic Octopus: From Death To Life Thanks To Wood Carving

massive octopus wood sculpture
Jeffrey Michael Samudosky

Chainsaws, dremels and chisels, these are the ‘simple’ tools a man used to turn a fallen redwood into a giant realistic octopus that seems to rest on a tree.

After studying art and photography in high school and decades spent as an Outward Bound instructor, ice climber, and whitewater rafting guide, the artist Jeffrey Michael Samudosky decided to open JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998. Since then, he’s been travelling the world leaving people stunned with his massive and awesome sculptures depicting all kind of animals and more, and that made him win a long series of awards.

fallen redwood and jeffrey michael samudosky
Jeffrey Michael Samudosky

Just give him a piece of wood, whatever is its dimension, and he will carve anything his creativity suggests. From horses, birds and fish to bears, wolves and even warriors.

One day Redwood Burl company gave him a fallen redwood and in few time a meaningless dead piece of tree was literally transformed in something that looks like almost alive: a massive octopus sculpture that can’t go unnoticed.

octopus carved from fallen redwood jeffrey michael samudosky
Jeffrey Michael Samudosky

For more astonishing creations you can visit Jeffrey Michael Samudosky website. Maybe you can even stop by his shop and gallery or commission some custom artworks.

octopus wood sculpture jeffrey michael samudosky
Jeffrey Michael Samudosky

Wood can create warm sculptures that complement and decorate well your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have some logs and you don’t know what to do with them, maybe this artist can make you change your mind and the next destination for your piece of wood can be a display stand, a shelf or even your courtyard rather then the fireplace.

Credits: TwistedSifter | Colossal


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