How To Turn Old Photos And People Into Modern And Young Images Full Of Details And Colours

winston churchill
Winston Churchill. Marina Amaral

I went to bed and suddenly jumped into the magical world of sleep. What belongs to the past, seemed to be happening in the present, what was naturally old looked like unexpectedly young and recent. This is the power of mind and dreams, but there is a way to make this true, there is a person who can make these things real.

This is Marina Amaral who has the ‘power’ to make an 1865 photo as if it’s been taken just few decades ago. Marina, who comes from Brazil, can make historical people and situations ‘young again’…at least on paper and screen.

This is the amazing artwork of this Brazilian artist who, thanks to Photoshop, can turn old black and white pictures into colourful images that enhances details and become fresher and more appealing.

But Marina Amaral doesn’t like to deform the pictures. On the contrary, thanks to the support of experts, she always reproduces the natural colours, so that the photos can maintain their original atmosphere and value.

Thanks to Marina’s skills and work, history, present and computer innovations are mixed together and it’s as if men already had a modern camera a century ago. The results of the colourization are impressive and so are the subjects. Let’s see some examples below.

1. Adolf Hitler.

adolf hitler
Marina Amaral


2. Anne Frank.

anne frank
Marina Amaral


3. Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein.

charlie chaplin and albert einstein
Marina Amaral


4. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (best known as Che Guevara)

ernesto guevara
Marina Amaral


5. Lenin.

Marina Amaral


6. Stalin during a conference in the Kremlin, Moscow, in March 1935.

Marina Amaral


7. President Lincoln and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand in 1862.

president lincoln
Marina Amaral


8. John Fitzgerald Kennedy during his wedding with his wife Jackie in 1953.

john fitzgerald kennedy
Marina Amaral


9. Saxophonist Charles Parker Jr.

saxophonist charles parker jr
Marina Amaral


10. British Premier Sir Neville Chamberlain.

Neville Chamberlain
Marina Amaral


11. The children of Tsar Nicholas II in 1906. The resulting photo makes the girls ‘immortal’.

children of tsar nicholas II
Marina Amaral


12. Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation in 1953. Even little elements are finely colourised and the result is mind-blowing.

queen elizabeth
Marina Amaral

But Marina doesn’t deal with famous people only. So it happens that:

13. a farmer in a rocking-chair may look like he’s enjoying his time during the last few years.

farmer rocking-chair
Marina Amaral


14. the 31st Division’s Mobile Library in the manoeuvre area at Camp Polk (La) gets a new life…and new awesome details.

31st divisions mobile library
Marina Amaral


15. a B-26 Marauder World War II twin-engined medium bomber looks like a contemporary reconstruction in a film studio.

b-26 marauder world war ii
Marina Amaral


16. the Okinawa “Death Valley” looks like as if the war is happening right at this moment.

okinawa death valley
Marina Amaral

You can admire much more images on Marina Amaral Facebook photo gallery. Her portfolio is huge and impressive and you can even ask for a private custom colourization work contacting the artist through her website.

If you thought your photos are awful and just deserve to be thrown away, this artist could make you change your mind, because there are (almost) no limits to art, creativity and talented artists.


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