French Couple Buy Cave For 1 Euro. Now It’s A Modern Home And Bed & Breakfast

cave house entryway
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At the number 19bis of an ordinary street in Amboise, Loire Valley, there was a cave and a guy bought it for 1 Euro. Now it’s a modern good looking house and Bed & Breakfast.

This article is about the story of Alexis Lamoureux and how, at the age of 23, he converted an abandoned “troglodyte ruin” into a sweet house for him and his girlfriend.

The cave belonged to Alexis’ great aunt and when he decided to buy it for just one Euro, it was like a ruin, full of trash, with no electricity, running water and a sewage system.

ruin cave home with trash
Kirsten Dirksen | YouTube

In a period when it’s difficult to find a job, Alexis and his girlfriend, Lotte van Reil, were looking for an affordable solution and they came with the idea to live into a cave.

cave homes
Kirsten Dirksen | faircompanies

But they didn’t intend to jump back into the past and become the next Flinstones family.

cave home limestone
Kirsten Dirksen | YouTube

They had something else in mind: transform it into a lovely modern house with all the comforts we are used to nowadays.

troglodyte modern house
Kirsten Dirksen | YouTube

All the banks rejected a request for a loan, therefore, they decided to do everything alone, financing themselves by working at Alexis’ father restaurant and taking care of the renovation works.

Now, after a lot of hard work and 35,000 Euros spent, the disgusting cave became a lovely home. With two bedrooms, one kitchen, an 180° view terrace, an Internet connection and a separate one-bedroom section, it’s currently listed on Airbnb for 75 Euros per night.

cave home bathroom
Kirsten Dirksen | YouTube

This was a dream become true for the couple, and now that the transformation is complete, the Amboise Troglodyte Bed & Breakfast is available to everyone. Isn’t it an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful stay in a traditional French cave home?

cave home bedroom
Kirsten Dirksen | YouTube

You can see the difference between the before and after renovation on this video interview.

Would you live into a cave? Are you afraid that the rock will collapse on you during your sleep? That cave is still there after a long time…and it’s not the only one, so why should it happen now?

Credits: Vocativ


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