Giant Panda Mother And Her Baby: A Special Bonding On Heart-Melting Images

panda mother embracing her lovely cub
ZooParc de Beauval

Since we live in this planet we owe our life to someone special (after God): mothers. They are so special that the bonding between them and us is so unique and priceless. This happens not only among humans, but it’s common in the animal world too. It you don’t trust my worlds, you will change your mind after visiting the Beauval Zoo (France). There, for the first time in the Country, a giant panda mother (Huan Huan) gave birth to a lovely cub, and the vision is extraordinary.

This giant panda mother behaves like any human mum would, taking care of her baby carefully and tenderly: she feeds the baby with her milk, she cuddles her ‘child’, she protects it.

miny yuan zi baby panda
ZooParc de Beauval

The photographer managed to fix in time the magical moments between the Chinese bear and her black and white baby. The bonding is unique and heart-melting and any mother would recognise herself on these pictures.

panda mother embracing lovely cub
ZooParc de Beauval

The panda cub was born on 4th August 2017, three years after the arrival of its parents, and has been named Mini Yuan Zi.

Do you like animals and pandas? Are they cute and sweet to you? If they were not so big, I would keep one at home. And you?

Credits: ZooParc de Beauval | BFMTV


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