Thrilling Natural Attraction Discovered In Brazil: ‘Pedra Que Engole’, The Rock That Swallows Tourists

pedra que engole brasil

It was so hot that day that they decided to have a bath in the river…but the stone swallowed them in the blink of an eye.

Can stone really eat people? That’s what it seems to happen in Trindade (Brazil), a village located 30km south of Paraty, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. People who go there immerse themselves in the river water, below a little waterfall, hold their breath and disappear.

Has anyone died so far? No, don’t worry, because there’s a trick: people appear soon later on the other side of the rock. This natural heritage is attracting the attention of many tourists and the curiosity of a large number of internet users.

The destination is called “Pedra Que Engole” (The Rock That Swallows) and it’s so amazing and popular that it’s even reviewed on TripAdvisor.

People who went there and tried it “felt like winners”. If you fly to Brazil you can become a ‘winner’ too. It’s safe and this is the trick: just a big rock on the river, forming a cavity, hidden behind a waterfall, giving the impression the stone is literally ‘eating’ you.

So the secret is revealed and you can see it on this video:

If you are looking for a natural attraction, this rock may be your perfect destination. What are you waiting for?


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