England, ‘Magical’ Cave Has Waters Turning Objects Into Stones: The Petrifying Well


petrifying well england

It’s known with the name of “Petrifying Well”. If you want to see it you must go to England and people who go there can observe all objects put inside becoming like stones.

This place is a major attraction in Great Britain and if we lived many centuries ago we would think it’s a kind of magic or witchcraft that only “Merlin” can handle and understand properly.

The truth is that this phenomenon has nothing to do with magic and mysterious powers. This is totally a natural event, stunning but not unique. This kind of wells have been discovered in Ireland too. British examples can be found, instead, in the Matlock Bath, in Derbyshire and in the Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough (North Yorkshire).

The ‘recipe’ of the (once supposed) magic:

  1. Place any kind of object into the well;
  2. Leave it there for some weeks or even months;
  3. Wait until you see your object acquire a stony exterior.

petrifying well cave england

The mystery revealed:

The waters found in these wells are highly rich in minerals (mainly calcium carbonate). When the water evaporates it deposits on the objects, covering them with a stony layer.
This phenomenon must not be confused with “petrification” which is, instead, the process that turns organic material into fossil through the replacement of the original material and the filling of the original pore spaces with minerals.

But sometimes words mean nothing without facts or, at least, they are less effective and amazing. To make this discovery more pragmatic and astonishing we found a video demonstration that shows the petrifying well in all its “power”.

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