12 Beautiful Places Around The World Totally Free Of Cars


word's most beautiful cities whitout car

Are you tired of cars, traffic jam and air pollution? Would you like any car accidents to disappear in a blink of an eye? Are you environment-sensitive and you don’t like motorised vehicles and busy roads like the are now? Maybe you wish to live in a place where there are no cars around because banned, not allowed, not part of the system.

Well, this is not just a dream because there are places where people live with no cars at all and we selected 12 of the most beautiful places in the world totally car-free, where you can experience a perfect and total bondage with nature and freedom, far from stress and chaos. Get ready for a wonderful journey through the 12 locations where cars are left behind, to leave space to walking, bicycles, horses, nature and relax.

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

mackinac island cities whithout car

Motorised vehicles are banned since 1898. If you want to get around, your way is just a bicycle, a horse (or horse-drawn carriage) or your foot.


2. Sark Island, United Kingdom

sark island cities without a car
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This is a small island part of the English Channel Islands. The only motorised vehicle allowed here is the tractor. But if you go around by riding a horse or a bicycle, or just walking, you are welcome.


3. Fire Island, New York

fire island cities whithout car

Being one of the few car-free places in U.S., this island allows you to get around just by foot, golf cart or bicycle.


4. Venice, Italy

venice cities whithout car

Who doesn’t know this city yet? Due to the narrow streets and canals, a ‘Vaporetto’ water-bus or the traditional ‘gondola‘ are the only options – in addition to your feet. On the other hand, Venice city centre with cars wouldn’t be Venice any more.


5. Halibut Cove, Alaska

halibut cove cities whithout car

If you like to admire glaciers, the wildlife and mountains with a total tranquillity, this place has no roads and local people get around just by skiff, ATV, seaplane or on foot.


6. La Cumbrecita, Argentina

la cumbrecita cities whithout car

It’s an alpine-style village in the Calamuchita Valley. Its pedestrian-only policy makes it an ideal place for ecotourism. If you like hiking, forest, waterfalls and camping, this is a place you don’t want to miss.


7. Ghent, Belgium

ghent cities whithout car

In order to get rid of traffic and improve the air quality, cars have been banned since 1996. Now you can enjoy the charming Gothic-style city centre and its buildings and canals by foot, bicycle or electric boat.


8. Hydra, Greece

hydra cities whitout car

It’s one of the Saronic Islands of Greece. With a well-preserved architecture, you can go around visiting the area surrounded only by pedestrians and donkeys. And if walking is not thrilling enough to you, Hydra also has blue waters and awesome coastal hiking paths to enjoy.


9. Bald Head Island, North Carolina

bald head island cities whitout car

Accessible via passenger ferry or private yacht, remember to leave your car at home when you go to Bald Head Island, because it won’t be allowed. Local standard transportation includes golf cart, tram or bicycle.


10. Jakriborg, Sweden

jakriborg cities whithout car

Built from scratch in the 1980s by two brothers, Jan Berggren and Krister Berggren, this is a real estate village nestled between the cities of Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. Its peculiar characteristics are the medieval style and the absence of cars. Residents who own one, park it at the edge of the community.


11. Zermatt, Switzerland

zermatt cities whitout car

This is another place where you can enjoy mountains and snow in full relax thanks to its car-free policy. You can reach the village just by taxi, train, or helicopter and get around by buses, cable cars, and horse-drawn carriages.


12. Giethoorn, Netherlands

giethoorn cities whithout car
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Known as the village with no roads, if you would like to visit the centre the only way you have is renting a canoe or bike. Like the Italian Venice, this town is full of canals and bridges and if you go there you really risk to relax and feel happy, so pay attention!

Have you already been in some of these places? Which one do you prefer? Do you know other locations like these ones or even better?


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