How To Save The Environment From The Killer Plastic, Thanks To This Tool

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Are you environment-aware? Do you think plastic is a useful thing but also a big and severe threat to our good life?

Today we will reveal you how to stop plastic (at least some of it) from poisoning and destroying the world, the place where we live in and that we should preserve at any cost.

Why is it so important to fight the plastic pollution?
According to the UNESCO Organization, plastic has direct and indirect negative impacts on biodiversity, and as plastic waste enters the food chain through unsuspecting channels such as micro-particles, an environmental issue transforms into a major challenge to human health and livelihood. Therefore, it’s vital to take effective actions towards reducing its impacts.

This Plastic Bottle Cutter can be a real providential tool and can transform the plastic bottles you should throw away, into ropes that can have multpiple purposes.

The project was so successful that the creators raised €356,606 on Kickstarter, from the initial goal of just €8,500.

the plastic bottle cutter

According to the company, this cutter is:


It recycles and reduces the waste.


It’s eco-friendly and made with easily recyclable materials.


You can reuse your bottles and save money.


It helps you create and use all-purpose handy ropes.


It allows you to use your imagination, upcycle and create new things.


It can help you survive a post-apocalypse.


You can keep it anywhere in your pocket.

This may be not a definitive solution to get completely rid of plastic, but it surely allows you to not increase the amount of plastic around. In addition, the resulting ropes can become a real resource to employ in different ways like shown on this video.

Would you like to buy it now? You can visit the Plastic Bottle Cutter website and shop here.

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