Do You Know Where Space Objects Go To Die? Welcome To Point Nemo, The Farthest Place From Land

point nemo space objects cemetery

It’s the farthest location from land. You can find it in the Pacific Ocean and it’s 2,688 kilometres far from the nearest land, Ducie Island. Welcome to ‘Point Nemo‘, whose name is inspired by the submarine sailor from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This location is so remote that it’s been chosen as the cemetery for the space stations that return to earth after they complete their mission or are simply ‘defunct’.

Here lies the famous Russian Mir space station and many other objects, driven to this point by humans to avoid any damages to people. But something may go wrong next time with the Chinese space station Tiangong-1 that will come back to earth between end 2017 and beginning 2018. Tiangong-1 is without any control and may not get totally destroyed as they pass through the atmosphere, like it happens for other smaller objects.

space objects

Tiangong-1 weight 8 tons and if it will survive the impact, some parts of it – weighting over 100kg – may fall somewhere unknown around the world anytime. This would be a cemetery for humans instead – for some of them at least. So prey God you will keep safe – unless you are a Superman (or Supergirl).

space satellites

So how can we survive this imminent impact? There is another way we use to ‘get rid’ of dead satellites: sending them to the so called “graveyard orbits”: a higher orbit around the planet. This is a way to reduce objects that would threaten the functioning satellites and stations. Can it be an option for Tiangong-1 so that it won’t become a ‘humanity killer’ that might trigger a potential Armageddon? For Chinese scientists most of the space station will burn and it won’t pose any threat to humans.

What do you think? Do you believe that? Are you physically, mentally and spiritually ready for an Apocalypse?


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