Polar Bears Gave A Special Wild Visit At Alaska Airport: The Encounter Was Caught On Film


polar bears spotted alaska airport

It was an ordinary freezing day at the airport in Alaska when people had a little taste of Christmas in advance when they spotted two running polar bears that decided to stop by the area.

A foreman, Scott Babock, was inspecting the runway of the Utqiagvik Will Rogers-Wiley Post Memorial Airport at about 6:30 in the morning, when he saw something he believed to be a couple of wolves. But as he get closer he realized they were two polar bears – probably in search for food rather then to ‘take an aeroplane – and didn’t miss the occasion to caught the unexpected yet dangerous encounter on camera.

The man said he kept an eye on the two wild animals until the borough animal control came and dealt with them. Polar bears may look like cute, tender and sweet, but come with sharp and powerful teeth and claws, and sometimes can be lethal and pose safety hazard to the transportation system and the travellers. Therefore, the staff routinely checks runways to keep them (and people) safe from the wildlife.

Watch the video below to see the ‘great bears runaway’ and how this adventure ended.

What’s the wildest encounter you have experienced in your life? How would you react if you meet two big polar bears?


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