Daring Man Does A Crazy Stunt Running On 4 Class Rapids On Top Of 6 Rafts Strapped Together

rafting with 6 rafts strapped together

If you like sport, adventure, ‘craziness’ and bringing the extreme to its limit, you ‘opened the right door’. Welcome to the world where everything is possible and brave people try to ‘challenge the fate’…any time they have the opportunity. The protagonist of today is a daring man with a stunning mission: going down a river with class 4 rapids on top of 6 rafts strapped together.

If you don’t know him yet, this is Covey Baack and he is a professional rafter. If rafting can be a thrilling sport, surrounded by nature and its huge power, Baack decided to make it even more exciting – and maybe dangerous.

One day this man took his custom made oars, with a 9′ extension on 11′ oars, he strapped together 6 rafts and went straight to the Rogue River in Oregon. There, he put himself on top of this massive raft stack and started his ‘quest’.

His mission? Doing a crazy stunt running down the class 4 ‘nugget and powerhouse‘ section of the river. If one raft can be hard to manage on powerful waters, what could happen with six…one on another?

This is what you do when you see the world differently and like living beyond your limits. This is Covey Baack and you can have a look at some of his photos on Instagram, or see him in action on this video by Sky Lakes Media.

Have you ever done rafting? Would you risk everything to follow Baack’s example?


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