Noriyuki Saitoh: The Japanese Artist Who Creates Real Size Stunning Insects Made Of Bamboo

bamboo insects noriyuki saitoh
Noriyuki Saitoh

Do you like nature and animals? This is a question we made so many times in our articles that we risk to get bored. But this time I would like to ask you if you like insects too. If you are disgusted by them – I can’t blame you – but I’m sure you are going to love these ones instead. Who’s making all of this love possible is Noriyuki Saitoh, the Japanese artist who creates natural size insects made of bamboo.

These artworks are really stunning sculptures, incredibly impressive and, at the same time, fragile.

Their look is so real that people who see them might think they are alive. Don’t you believe me? Judge by yourself having a look at the bamboo insects collection Noriyuki Saitoh shared on social media.

This artist, like many Japanese people used us, is very meticulous and the details of his artworks are astounding. Who knows how much patience he has? But don’t waste our time and go straight to the point, admiring these 10 mesmerizing images selected from the artist photo gallery.

1. Megarhyssa praecellens

megarhyssa praecellens bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


2. Common skimmer

common skimmer bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


3. Oriental longheaded locust

oriental longheaded locust bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh
oriental longheaded locust bamboo
Noriyuki Saitoh


4. Megaloprepus caerulatus

megaloprepus caerulatus bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


5. Large brown cicada

large brown cicada bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


6. Camel cricket/female

camel cricket female bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh
camel cricket female bamboo
Noriyuki Saitoh



7. Polistes jakahamae (wasp)

polistes jakahamae bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


8. Tenodera sinensis and Aporia crataegi (typical large mantis of Japan)

tenodera sinensis and aporia crataegi
Noriyuki Saitoh


9. Leafcutter ants

leafcutter ants bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh


10. Sinictinogomphus clavatus (Uchiwa-yamma in Japanese)

sinictinogomphus clavatus bamboo insects
Noriyuki Saitoh

What do you feel when you see these insects reproductions? If I didn’t know they are made of bamboo, I would think they are real.


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