Dolls Arrive From The Future And Become The First Robotic Sex Dolls With A Deeply Realistic Body


head sex dolls robot

In previous articles, we talked about robots that can play table tennis, that can sing, dance, act, work or even handle a sword. But now we are going beyond all of that, in a land that, maybe, has been in men’s imagination for decades until now: Sex Robots.

You read well! An American company, RealBotix, developed the first robot for sexual pleasure. The founder Matt McMullen believes the revolution is around the corner. A big pleasure for those people obsessed by sex – or who are lonely – or maniac (it’s up to you). But what will the side effects be for our society (if any)? I cite facts, you form your opinion.

creations sex dolls head

The RealBotix sex dolls reproduce deeply realistic sexy girls (or women). They have a silicone skin, and body parts specifically designed to simulate the sexual act. And if you want even more, your ‘plastic lover’ will be able to talk to you and memorise your preferences thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Don’t you feel happy? Who knows how interesting the conversations will be?

mouth sex dolls robot

If you were impressed by the sex scenes with robots in sci-fi films, now you can bring your deep imagination to life. Is it a dream becoming true? Or will it be more a ‘nightmare’ rather than a dream? What do you think? I can’t judge, I can just say I will always prefer a real lady – with all her defects and merits…and uniqueness. I must admit, I’m not for the ‘easy way’ by nature, and if it might sound ‘stupid’, it’s the only effective way I really know – and like – to get a long lasting satisfaction and success.

face sex dolls robot

But let’s keep on topic and tell a bit more about this innovative way to ‘find a wife’. Do you feel ready for that? To date, Realbotix offers a realistic doll with a Robotic Head System and if you want the whole pack, get ready to spend approximately $10,000.00 just for the head – plus additional money for the rest of the body. Not too cheap for a ‘fake partner’, is it? But your new doll will be able to talk to you for the first time ever…and moving her head and face. And if you are thinking it’s not enough, you will have a Virtual Reality platform to interact with the A.I. in a virtual world with a customisable 3D character.

body sex dolls robot

In addition, the company is developing a vision system to be used for sensory input, object and face recognition as well as face tracking and eye contact. You can even change the face and eyes. So what are you waiting for? You can spend your money for a ‘female creature’ you can create, customise and interact with. Maybe this is better than using your dollars for some food and taking care of your health. Who knows? Perhaps in the next few years your sex doll will buy and prepare the meal, and take care of you (after going to work to collect some money, unless food and health care will be free those days).

Well, I don’t really know your taste and habits. I just told you the possibilities, now you choose your side.


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