The Emotional Photorealism Of Gustavo Silva Nuñez: Paintings Become Alive

tattoos man in the bath
Gustavo Silva Nuñez

Do you like art, paintings and what they transmit to us?
Have you ever found yourself in front of such a beautiful creation that you thought it was real?

There is an art strictly specialized on “making the unreal real“: Photorealism. Hence, the artist we are going to talk about today may be considered the king of emotional photorealism. An artist whose artworks are not just realistic, but almost alive, with their own soul. His ability to find the right subjects and compositions are extremely amazing. Let’s make just a little introduction first.

What’s painting?
“Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium[1] to a solid surface (support base). The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used…”
(Source: Wikipedia)

What’s photorealism?
“The name Photorealism (also known as Hyperrealism or Superrealism) was coined in reference to those artists whose work depended heavily on photographs, which they often projected onto canvas allowing images to be replicated with precision and accuracy. The exactness was often aided further by the use of an airbrush, which was originally designed to retouch photographs…”.
(Source: The Art Story)

topless woman and tattoo
Gustavo Silva Nuñez

What are the most famous photorealism artists?
Throughout the years many artists have been associated with this movement. Artists such as Ellery Kurtz, Duane Hanson or Claudio Bravo are considered the top 3, but the list is wide and you can discover the top 20 here.

Unlike conceptual art or other kinds of expression, photorealism could transmit emotions or not – like everything by the way -Ed. On the other hand, they are the reproduction of reality, and in this Era of photography accessible to anyone, thanks to the consumer technology, this kind of art could seem useless or inexpressive. It’s all up to the artist and how he can create the artwork.

But despite that, even if we can now take a photo so easily, it’s not assured that it may convey any emotion at all (wrong colours and view, bad subjects and so on). But when every elements are right, the magic is done.

And what if this magic is hand made? What if it’s not real but looks like real and it becomes so emotional that you feel enchanted and really part of the artwork?

That’s what this artist can do with his own hands: no tricks or dark magic, just a lot of creativity, great technique and good taste. His name Gustavo Silva Nuñez and he’s born in Valencia, Venezuela, in 1980.

This guy, also a musician, can make his paintings so stunning and real that you can definitely fall in love with the subjects and desire to touch them. So astonishing that you would like to enter the painting and become part of it. So wonderful that you wish to hug and kiss the subject and enjoy that special moment this artist created.

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is specialized on water, women, their beautiful body and shapes and the effect of water on people. After you see this photo gallery you won’t desire anything else.

So enjoy and let you get inspired by this amazing pieces of art.

bikini girl on plastic bottels
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


Gustavo Silva Nuñez


swimming girl on surfboard
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


naked woman and tattoos
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


shark and open mouth
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


the girl in the pool
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


sleeping girl on seashore
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


drowning girl
Gustavo Silva Nuñez


man in water and tattoo
Gustavo Silva Nuñez

Would you like to know and see more about this artist? You can reach him on his Facebook or Instagram profile.

In the meantime, tell us what you think about his creations and if you prefer him to the others or vice versa.

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