Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017: Spectacular Free-Fallings And Awe-Inducing Acrobatics


Do you like adventure, thrilling moments, extreme sports and memorable entertainment? If your reply is a “Yes”, cliff diving could be ideal for you. Do you love to jump from cliffs with or without equipment or simply look others doing the show? Red Bull is a main promoter of this stunning sport and since 2009 has provided a platform for aesthetic action and dives of amazing complexity with the Red Bull Cliff diving World Series.

red bull cliff diving mostar 2017
Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017 – Mostar. Picture: Dean Treml | Red Bull

This astonishing event takes place across the world, from America to Europe. Started on 24th June it will end next 21st October in the stunningly beautiful Lago Ranco (Chile, Saltos de Riñinahue). People who attend the event can enjoy a spectacular free-falling from up to 27m, combined with awe-inducing acrobatics (the essence of cliff diving).

Do you like breath-taking moments and exciting drama? Maybe you were one of the goers or athletes at the penultimate competition in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). If you missed it, you can still have fun by flying to Chile next month and enjoy the grand finale that will crown the 2017 champions in both the men’s and women’s division.

bridge cliff diving mostar 2017
Stari Most Bridge in Mostar. Picture: Dean Treml | Red Bull

Like in the previous events, in Lago Ranco athletes will be required to display their skill and versatility by executing take-offs from five basic dive groups – Front, Back, Inward, Reverse and Handstand.

Are you sad because you can’t be there? Don’t worry, the event will be live on 21st October from 15.00 local time (18.00 GMT) on, Red Bull TV and Facebook. Athletes will show all their power and talent in a breathtaking landscape at the foot of the Andes and with the Riñinahue Waterfalls that will make a mind-blowing backdrop.

jump cliff diving mostar 2017
Orlando Duque. Picture: Romina Amato | Red Bull

17,000 enthusiastic fans attended the Mostar event last 16th September. They gathered to see England’s Gary Hunt winning the competition, American Steven LoBue finishing as the runner up, and 22-year-old World Series debutante, Nikita Fedotov of Russia, ranking third. Of course, cliff diving is not just a men only business and women too impressed the audience with their astounding performance. Cesilie Carlton (USA) won the Mostar edition, with Helena Merten (AUS) as the runner up and Anna Bader (GER) ranked third.

How many people will attend the coming grand finale in the Lago Ranco region, in the heart of Chile’s Northern Patagonia? Who will win the King Kahekili Trophy of the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series? Will the 6-time champion Gary Hunt confirm his leadership by winning for the seventh time?

winners cliff diving mostar 2017
Winners Cesilie Carlton and Gary Hunt. Picture: Dean Treml | Red Bull

Let’s wait to discover it. In the meantime, watch the best leaps from one the the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mostar, the 16th-century Stari Most bridge.


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