How Mothers and Sons are Remarkably Bond Each Other


The bond between a mother and her son is truly remarkable. While in womb, babies begin learning language from their mothers. They also learn to recognize different words and after birth, they will still remember some of these words. They can even distinguish between their mother tongue and other languages. It’s as if babies start education…before going to school (but everything in life is a school, isn’t it?).

In addition, fetuses may also respond to their mother’s touch, by displaying more movements as a way of communication. But the bond extends beyond language and communication. In fact, stem cells from the fetus migrate to the injured site and repair the damage. Male babies leave traces of their DNA on their mothers’ brain, which likely protects the mothers from Alzheimer’s disease.

…and there is more…

Antibodies travel from the mother to her baby, through the placenta and breastfeeding. This boosts the baby’s immune system before and after birth. Further more, this protects the baby from deadly bacteria and viruses. After the baby is born, breast milk is customized according to the sex of the baby: mothers can produce different biological recipes from sons and daughters. And all of this happen automatically, with the only power of “ourselves” and the “Creator”.

Yes, this is truly remarkable and teaches us how nature will be always the winner and the better solution (Ed.). Enjoy this video that will amazingly support this article statement with lovable images.

Do you respect nature? Do you think robots and technology will be the solution to humans extinction or, on the contrary, nature and God are the only ones who can do that? We are waiting for your nice opinion.

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