Amazing Rescue of a Stuck Cow by Two Providential Cyclists


Cyclist Rescue Cow

There was almost 1 billion of cattle worldwide back in 2016. Two-thirds of it can be found in India, Brazil and China. Always bred to provide milk and dairy, the domestication began 10,000 to 5,000 years ago. Learn more here.

Cows generally eat grass and silage and they can be kept into a farm fence, far from dangers and escape. But what if they go too close to the road or become too curious and meet the wrong obstacle? That’s the story reported in this video.

Two cyclists were riding a bike in the countryside when they suddenly spotted a cow in danger. As the poor animal was struggling with its “imprisonment” between two tree trunks, these two guys became heroes and stopped their ride to rescue the cow.

This video will show you what really happened and how these 2 cyclists saved this cow from death. Thanks to them the farm animal didn’t choke and could come back to its normal life. Who knows what she might have thought after? Maybe she thanked them is some way. Whatever was the reaction, what really matters is that these providential guys saved the animal from a painful and slow death.


What would you do in the same situation? Have you ever rescued an animal from abuse or death? Tell us your story and we will be glad to inspire the world with your great action.

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