From Films To Real Life: RoboThespian, The First Humanoid Who Can Interact With You Like A Human


robothespian humanoid robot

He has eyes that follow you as you move. He entertains you by talking and telling jokes in your language He has arms that move according to his eyes and words.

Ladies and Gents, we introduce you the first actor and presenter in the world all made of steel, glass…and electronic circuits. This is “RoboThespian” and it’s the first commercial robot able to behave like a person.

This innovative humanoid is designed by British company Engineered Arts and it can hold eye contact with you, and even guess your age.

“RoboThespian” was made specifically to stand in a spot all day, 24/7 and interact with people entertaining them and using gestures. “RoboThespian” can also sing you a song and seems to arrive right from the future. This robot is making sci-fi films real and who knows what else it will be able to do in the future – maybe substitute you as a living being? We hope it won’t indeed.

But if it will be just applied in all those tedious works that can only make us crazy, stressed or simply bored, I think anyone will be happy to welcome “RoboThespian”.

robothespian plays guitar

Imagine you have to stand up all day long in the same identical spot, telling the same things to anyone, maybe getting annoyed by the same questions and even by the bad mood or attitude of some visitors. “RoboThespian” would not get stressed at all and could save your day. Maybe it’s better you do another, more satisfying job, so that you can come back home happier and healthier.

This kind of robots can automate all these repetitive works. But if you think “RoboThespian” will keep a ‘cold’ relationship with the guests, and people will ignore it, you should know that it’s capable of guessing their mood, blow kisses and make moments more lovely with a romantic song.

In fact, “RoboThespian” is a full-sized humanoid. Its movements can be controlled by a tablet and it’s the first machine featuring the properties of people. What’s better than that to make a performing robot who can act, sing, talk and entertain?

robothespian dance

The future? Taking “RoboThespian” to the next level with “Byrun“, a 30kg robot, 170cm tall that will be able to walk, hop and jump. Maybe your next colleague will be made of iron – but it won’t look like Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark (Ed.). Perhaps next time you go to the club, you might find yourself flirting with a ‘metal girl’ – “very exciting indeed” (Ed.).

We don’t really know how the future will be. For sure it’s too early for this ‘Terminator’ scenario. But what’s for certain, and already a reality, is that “RoboThespian” is the ultimate, fully functioning, acting humanoid designed for human interaction in a public environment. If you feel alone, it can be your companion, at least for a little time. The company can even produce a custom robot, to make it unique and tailored to your needs – this really sounds a sci-fi film becoming true.

In the default set, “RoboThespian” comes with a packed library of impressions, greetings, songs and gestures such as Toy Story, RoboCop, Celine Dion, Lord of the Rings, Singing in the Rain, and more. If you want it right now, be ready to pay the ‘fair’ amount of £59,000.00.

Waiting for the next development, see and enjoy “RoboThespian” and how it is now on this video.

Will you be happy to have this kind of humanoids around you? Would you see them as your collegues at work? Do you think they will help or threaten the humanity? 


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