Round The World Ticket: 7 Great Ways To Travel Around The World

round the world ticket
Round The World

Do you know Willy Fog and his adventures? Would you like to travel around the world like him? He did it in 80 days. Now you can do that too (much more easily – Ed.). But you don’t need to be in a rush: you can relax and enjoy the whole journey through the planet within 12 months.

How can you do that? Thanks to aeroplanes. They call it “Round The World Ticket” (RWT) and it’s a flight ticket that allows you to travel the world in one year, usually choosing and stopping at max. 16 destinations during the journey.

How can it be possible? Several airlines grouped together and formed an Alliance to offer you an all-in-one ticket that can cover the major places on earth.

What’s the main advantage? You can save a lot of money, compared to what you would spend buying each ticket singularly. You can also save a lot of time and hassles, because you will deal with one subject instead of a dozen and more.

So, let’s go straight to the point and discover the best 7 solutions you can find to travel around the world for the most amazing of all adventures. But first, let’s clarify the meaning of few terms:

  • Mileage = distance measured in miles travelled or covered during the flights.
  • Stopover = deliberate and planned interruption of a journey for 24 or more hours.

Now that you know the basics, let’s discover the best offers.

1) Star Alliance Round the World Fare

star alliance round the world ticket

Star Alliance has 28 member airlines and offers 1300 destinations in 191 countries. You have the possibility to visit 98% of the world.
“Whatever you dream of doing, and wherever you dream of going, the Star Alliance Round the World Fare is your ticket to the world.”

You can travel up to 26,000 miles, 29,000 miles, 34,000 miles or 39,000 miles with a minimum of 3 and up to 15 stopovers.

Resources: Star Alliance Round the World Fare

2) Oneworld Explorer by The oneworld® alliance

oneworld explorer oneworld

This alliance brings together 15 of the world’s leading airlines and around 30 affiliated carriers. More than 14,000 daily flights to some 1,000 destinations across the globe: that’s what this alliance has to offer you.

The oneworld Explorer fare is based on the number of oneworld continents you choose to visit or pass through. To keep things simple, they divided the world into six continents to calculate your oneworld Explorer fare.
The fare you pay is based on the class you choose to fly, plus the number of oneworld continents you visit or pass through, (including your continent of origin and any continent in which you transfer). Following some examples:

Three continents
Los Angeles – Tokyo – Hong Kong –Kuala Lumpur – Doha – Moscow – St. Petersburg – Madrid – Miami – Los Angeles

Four continents
Cairns – Brisbane – Singapore – Hong Kong – Tokyo – Helsinki – Dusseldorf – London – New York – Toronto – Los Angeles – Sydney – Cairns

Six continents
Madrid – New York – Chicago – Miami – São Paulo – Santiago – Auckland – Sydney – Cairns – Tokyo – Hong Kong – Doha – Johannesburg – Cape Town – London – Zurich – Madrid

Resouces: Oneworld Explorer by The oneworld® alliance

3) Global Explorer by The oneworld® alliance

global explorer oneworld

This fare is more flexible and you can choose from more airlines. It’s based on the total distance travelled throughout your journey. In fact, it enables you to fly with selected airlines outside the oneworld® alliance.

Your fair is calculated using the following tier levels:

  • Tier 1: Up to 26,000 miles (economy class only);
  • Tier 2: Up to 29,000 miles (economy class only);
  • Tier 3: Up to 34,000 miles (economy, business or first class);
  • Tier 4: Up to 39,000 miles (economy class only).

Some examples?

Tier 1: 26,000 miles
Los Angeles – Melbourne – Perth – Kuala Lumpur – Paris – London – Los Angeles

Tier 2: 29,000 miles
Sydney – Johannesburg – London – Dusseldorf – Miami – Dallas – Mexico City – Los Angeles – Sydney

Tier 3: 34,000 miles
London – Berlin – Moscow – Doha – Kuala Lumpur – Sydney – Nadi – Honolulu – Los Angeles – Santiago – Buenos Aires – London

Tier 4: 39,000 miles
Sydney – Auckland – Papeete – Los Angeles – New York – Buenos Aires – Lima – Santiago – Buenos Aires – Madrid – Rome – Olbia – London – Sydney

Resouces: Global Explorer by The oneworld® alliance

4) Skyteam Round the World Planner

skyteam round the world planner

With 1,062 destinations in 177 countries to choose from, you can go anywhere between three and 15 stops on your journey. A good solution to visit North America, Europe and Asia.

Your itinerary must include one transatlantic flight, one transpacific flight and one flight between Area 2 and Area 3, and has to start and end in the same country (though not necessarily in the same city).

Four fare levels are available, for a max. mileage up to 26,000 miles, 29.000 miles, 33.000 miles or 38.000 miles.

Resources: Skyteam Round the World Planner

5) The Great Escapade

the great esplanade

Three airlines have come together to offer you exceptional round the world value for money – Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

With 29,000 miles (including one Atlantic crossing and one Pacific crossing), you can visit the four corners of the planet and benefit from unlimited stopovers. You can purchase up to 4.500 additional miles.

You can only stay at any one destination once, although you can use destinations as transiting points. South East Asia and Pacific seem to be well covered, but the offer is limited for the rest. The fares are attractive but with a little limitation: the journey must start and end in London or Manchester.

Resources: The Great Escapade

6) BA/Qantas World Walkabout ticket

ba qantas world walkabout ticket

One of the most popular and cheapest ways to fly around the world, offering up to 7 international stopovers (when travelling with Qantas, Emirates, British Airways, American Airlines and LAN) and a 25,000 miles or 29,000 miles fare. Let’s have a look at some route examples:

  • London Heathrow – New York – Los Angeles – Melbourne – Singapore – Dubai – London Heathrow;
  • London Heathrow – Dubai – Tokyo – Sydney – Dallas/Fort Worth – London Heathrow;
  • London Heathrow – Johannesburg – Sydney – Santiago – Maimi – London Heathrow.

Resources: BA/Qantas World Walkabout ticket

7) Air New Zealand’s round the world fare

air new zealand round the world

Air New Zealand is the only single airline to fly around the world by its own. A good solution to see the best of Asia, USA and the Pacific Islands en-rout to New Zealand and Australia. Some examples?

  • Asia and New Zealand itinerary
  • Australasia itinerary
  • North America and New Zealand itinerary
  • Pacific itinerary

…but you can find even much more.

Here’s the stopover options:
When travelling to New Zealand and/or Australia you can choose from:

  • Four Asia stopover points;
  • Two USA stopovers;
  • One Canada stopover point;
  • Three Pacific Island stopovers.

Resources: Air New Zealand’s round the world fare


You know the offers now, right? But do you already know the rules? We would like to give you some general tips and info you may want to keep in mind for the best experience:

  • Your journey has to start and end in the same country (the “country of origin”), but not necessarily in the same city.
  • According to IATA industry standard, the Round the World fare divides the world virtually into 3 zones (Traffic conferences):
    – TC1: North America, Central America, South America, Greenland, Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands.
    – TC2: Europe (West of the Urals), Azores, Iceland, Middle East, Africa, Seychelles Islands.
    – TC3: Asia (East of the Urals), Oceania, (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands).
  • Within the zones mentioned above the direction can be changed.
  • Your travel must follow one global direction only (East or West) and each Traffic Conference must be crossed only once.
  • The Atlantic and the Pacific must each be crossed exactly once. Only one crossing between Europe, Africa/Middle East and Asia is allowed.
  • Non-Air sectors of the journey will contribute to the calculation of the mileage and the price is not included in the fare. The non-air sectors are not unlimited and you must check the max. numbers allowed by the flight Alliance/Company.
  • The destinations of your journey must be determined at the time of purchasing the ticket, before departing. You can change the dates later, mostly free of charge, but you will have to pay a fee in case you would like to change the route.
  • The overall price will depend on the country and season of departure. Therefore, you may consider to leave during the low season and start your flight from a cheaper Country. You can buy an economic ticket, separately, to reach the place of departure.
  • The fares don’t include all applicable fees, taxes and surcharges.
  • Do you miss a flight? Contact the company immediately if you don’t want the airlines to cancel the booking of all your subsequent flights.
  • If you would like to travel with children, the tickets may be discounted.

Do you have a bit of Willy Fog inside you today? It’s the right time to book your Round The World Ticket. It’s not as cheap as a pint of beer, but it’s a one year adventure you will always remember in life. So, which destinations would you include if you was able to book your “adventure” right now?

Have you ever had this experience? We would like to hear your story.

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