Royal Ascot 2017: The Event With The Most Glamorous Extravagant Extreme Hats

royal ascot hat designs
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For anyone who loves fashion, extravagant and attractive dresses, hats and women, there is a place and event in England where you can go and “satisfy your passion”: a horse racing at the Ascot Racecourse.

If you are thinking horses have started to follow a dress code and to participate in fashion shows, you are wrong. The Ascot Racecourse hosts one of the major event in the British social calendar, the Royal Ascot – the most famous horse race in the world. For five days, racing is not the main attraction. The Royal Ascot is well known of being attended by the Queen and other members of the British Royal Family, along with other celebrities and important people. For five days the press is focused on the attendees and on what they are wearing.

This year, once again, the Royal Ascot 2017 showed the most glamorous dresses and extravagant, sometimes extreme, hats that became protagonists and attracted the attention of all the media from around the globe.

Best from day one:

People who went to the Royal Ascot 2017 was able to show up or see the most stylish and yet sophisticated outfits. On 22nd June (the third one) it was Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot, and it is renowned for attracting the most ostentatious hats and daring dresses.

Fashion and style on day two:

This edition was, again, the stage for any sort of glamorous hats: feathered, button hats with several designs (Union Jack included), floral hats (such as big roses), millineries decorated with butterflies, hat-scarf-hybrid with poppies and carnations, saucer-style hats, rainbow-coloured, floppy hats, “super tall or big”, navy hats, self designed, boater hats, pom-pom fantasy designs, trailing creations (that go beyond the head).
If you like going weird, The Royal Ascot 2017 entertained the audience even with themed hats: roulette, clock, spaghetti and meatball, picnic basket, horses, birds, vases, sea life, etc.

Best hats during day three:

The eye-catching and yet wild hats and fabulous dresses were shown up by famous people such as the Queen, Princesses, Countesses, Duchesses, actresses, designers, businesswomen, TV presenters, journalists, politicians, and also by “ordinary” racegoers.

Dress and hats styles on day four:

Would you like to see more? Discover the fashion and style on day five at the Royal Ascot 2017:

Women fashion on day five:

More videos about the event on the Ascot Racecourse official YouYube channel.

Do you love hats and millineries and to wear them? Which one do you prefer and would you like to put on?


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