Golden Retriever Dog Adopted Two Leopard Cubs Refused By Their Mother In This Russian Zoo

russia golden retriever dog adopted two leopard cubs
Zoopark Sadgorod

Domesticated and wild animals. What do they have in common? In Russia they live together thanks to a special ‘mother-son’ bonding. All of this became possible thanks to a female golden retriever dog who adopted two leopard cubs refused by their mother.

The hero of today is Tessa, a lovely dog mother who, broke the ancient myth of enmity between canines and felines, at least sometimes.

golden retriever and adopted leopard
Zoopark Sadgorod

The extraordinary event happened at the SadGorod (Garden City) private zoo in Vladivostok. Thanks to the intervention of the zoo keepers the two cubs were saved (separated) from her biological mother who devoured 3 previous cubs. A too big risk for this species, the Amur Leopard, already close to extinction.

Amur Leopards (panthera pardus orientalis) are original from Far East Russia – and not Africa. This is a subspecies adapted to life in the Russian temperate forests. But they are critically endangered with a population of just 60 individuals. We couldn’t risk to loose two of them and Tessa acted like their saviour.

leopard cub adopted golden retriver russia
Zoopark Sadgorod

The ‘kind’ golden retriever dog is already mother of 4 puppies and now they have two ‘step siblings’ fed with dog milk and extra doses of glucose provided by the zoo caretakers.

Tessa is taking a really good care of the leopards, nursing, grooming and warming them with big patience.

Amazing images and videos have been published online and the vision is massively cute and heart-melting.

Do you like big cats? Would you pet one of them? I would do it, if they never grew up or I had a private forest where I can keep them (Ed).


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