Emotional Images Tells The Story Of A 40-Years Journey Around The World And Its ‘Rusty’ Memories


It’s called “Ruggine” (‘Rust”) and tells the story of a journey around the world in 40 years, across 70 countries and all the 5 continents. It’s the photo exhibition of photographer Paolo Gotti and shows what the planet – or better humans – left us, as the time passed.

The photo gallery focuses on the flow of time, memories, separations, absences, renunciations and broken dreams. From 1974 to 2014, the artist caught on camera emotional images from Colombia to Australia, passing through Europe and Africa and their peculiar landscapes. A ‘rusty’ hidden world that nobody would like to see. Following some subjects of the project you will see during the exhibition.

Sahara Desert, 1974 – Vehicle remains

rust sahara desert 1974
Paolo Gotti

A car can’t be made of sand and rocks, but they may eventually consume it through the years…and make it part of the desert.


Sahara, 1974 – Abandoned truck

rust sahara 1974
Paolo Gotti

Was it used to serve food or deliver packs? Now it offers just death and loneliness.


Italy 1994 – Rusty ship relict immersed in water

rust italy 1994
Paolo Gotti

Who knows what is the story the sea has to tell us?


Yemen 1997 – Rusty tank in the middle of nothing

rust yemen 1997
Paolo Gotti

The memory of the war never goes away and its remains ‘rest in peace’ as a reminder of the brutality it brings.


The Philippines, 2001 – “Tropical Dreams” abandoned ship

rust tropical dreams philippines 2001
Paolo Gotti

It was meant to bring you to the land of yours dreams. Now the ship is ‘sleeping’, shipwrecked somewhere on the coast of the Philippines.



Bangalore, India, 2003 – Old distressed red painted truck

rust bangalore india 2003
Paolo Gotti

When you dismiss something…and leave it to itself.


Brazil, 2006 – Rusty wheelbarrows

rust brasil 2006
Paolo Gotti

When even the equipment retire from work…along with the workers.


Latvia 2007 – Wooden window in abandoned firm

rust latvia 2007
Paolo Gotti

Now it manufactures only dust and rust.


Australia 2009 – Rusty car

rusty car australia 2009
Paolo Gotti

The vehicle blends perfectly with the soil as if it’s always been part of the landscape.


Australia 2009 – Scrap car

rust australia 2009
Paolo Gotti

An abandoned car in an abandoned land?


Colombia 2010 – Old salt mine

rust colombia 2010
Paolo Gotti

What’s left after the excavation? A lonely woman ‘carrying her dreams’ in her bag, about a better future? For now I can see only desert -Ed.


Baracoa, Cuba, 2014 – Corroded house

rust baracoa cuba 2014
Paolo Gotti

It looks like coming from a post-apocalypse era, but it’s just the result of the sea salt when it prevails over humans.

The amazing images will be on display until 6th February 2018 in Bologna (Italy), in Via Santo Stefano 91/a. Each photo will be accompanied by short stories told by the writer and journalist Natascia Ronchetti.

Do you like art and photography? Which subject do you prefer?

Credits: Bologna Welcome


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