From Holland The Futuristic Machine To Kill Yourself At Home: Sarco And The Self-Service Euthanasia


sarco self-service euthanasia machine

Once upon a time light, creation and life. After thousands and millions of years are we entering the era of death and darkness? Australian controversial Dr. Philip Nitschke (aka Dr. Death), invented the euthanasia machine that will allow anyone to make suicide “silently and peacefully” at home with just the push of a button…and it can be created simply through a 3D printer and an internet access.

It’s called ‘Sarco’ and was developed by the scientist’s organization Exit International in the Netherlands, alongside an engineer called Alexander Bannink.

They placed the open-source blueprints of the “self-service home suicide machine” on the internet after it was unveiled at a Canadian euthanasia conference on 28th October.

You just need to recline on it and click a button to release liquid nitrogen that will cause the oxygen level falls and your life ends. The access will be only granted after taking part in an online mental questionnaire which then provides an access code.

Until now what we have made available online are activation codes for software and applications which are meant to create things. Now they will destroy them (or you).

Why did they design this kind of capsule, once thought to be just sci-fi stuff? In the past, people wanted the right to live, but now it seems things are changing. In fact, the scientist said the development was prompted by a “growing demand for choice by the elderly and their difficulty to access to the best end-of-life drugs”.

philip nischke self-service euthanasia kit

In many countries, assisted suicide is considered a murder and not permitted by law, hence punishable based on the local regulation. Making the code open-source and downloadable online to eventually 3D print Sarco at home (if you have the technological capability), will avoid the problem of illegal assistance to death. But what about the creation of the code and uploading it on the internet? Can it be considered a kind of aid too, therefore, illegal – and immoral (Ed.)?

A peaceful death, the right to die, the right to provide suicide: this is what this project is about. I’m not a fan of the “culture of death and murder encouragement”: once you start supporting these things the future will become dark (Ed.). I can’t read the future of course, but I can try to see forward applying the universal cause-effect principle. Can you play chess game? Whether you can or not, you should know that any action, no matter how big or small it is, can originate big events in the future (bad ones included).

In a society where people fight and want only rights on everything, they may start to desire and demand the right to kill and commit crimes, or even the right to not let others have theirs. Will it be the beginning of an era where too many rights will turn into the absence of any? Think wisely: you might be in front of an ultimate choice: between your life and your self-extermination.

Do you think I’m getting crazy? Tell me your opinion and ask yourself whether you have any concrete evidence of your beliefs.


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