12 Scariest Dolls Evoking Deep Dark Emotions


scariest dolls

They have freaky eyes and teeth. A kind of creepy pose or smile or even a pale lifeless face. They may show an aged but living look. Most of them are old, which might make things even creepier. Therefore, they may let you wonder if they come from a haunted house, a possessed owner, an evil sect or from some magic rituals to evoke dead people or cast a spell.

We are talking about dolls. And among all the ones built and sold during the human history, the more memorable are surely the creepy ones. They are thrilling and can raise strong emotions. They may attract or create a magnetic repulsion.

Dolls are normally made as a toy for children. A sweet, lovely and peaceful figurine with whom kids may find a companion to play and talk with. A doll can also be made and used as a home decoration or on the set of a film.

But on this article we are going to talk about and show you the 12 creepiest dolls you may have ever seen in your life.
Why do dolls stimulate so deep fantasies? Maybe because they may look like living creatures. Who has never thought, at least for a while in one’s own life, to have seen a doll moving or talking? On the other hand, even some horror films were based on dolls. A prove that this “evergreen” toy can really inspires deep feelings. So here is our top 12 list.

1. Two-faced composition head doll.

Made in ca. 1920, 16 inches high. This doll will observe all your moves from any point in the room.

2 faced head doll


2. Annabelle

The reel doll from “The Conjuring” horror film, inspired by the real-life haunted doll.
If you would like to know the real story of this doll and how it looks like, you can read this article.

annabelle doll from the conjuring


3. Creepy Kid Doll

This old toy looks like more a free-standing walking ghost that might still be around somewhere in the world.

creepy kid doll


4. Flying Demon

Made using a Halloween mask and a ripped up nightgown. This stuff would scare every guests in the house, period.

flying demon


5. Les Géniardes – by Julien Martinez, artist dolls maker 

Single piece dolls with customised porcelain heads, 31cm/12,5″

les géniardes - by julien marinez


6. Scary Vintage Dolls Trio

These vintage “creatures” look like they are saying: “come and play with us sweety…we have a little surprise for you!”

scary vintage dolls trio


7. Sharp-Toothed Attack Dolls

From “Barbarella” sci-fi film (1968). Made of wood and with shiny metal “hungry” teeth.

sharp toothed attack dolls


8. The talking doll

It comes from a scary tale about a dolls lover woman and an evil maid who hates them. The doll had a cord in the back and once pulled it started talking … but soon the maid will discover it was not something automatic and so harmless.
You can read the full story here.

talking doll


9. The Antique Doll

From a scary story about a young girl who once received a weird gift for her birthday. The most disgusting, ugly, evil and horrifying old doll ever seen: bald, with cracked and dirty skin, yet with sharp pointy beastly teeth.
Just a joke or something going beyond the limits? You can discover it by reading its full story here.

the antique doll


10. The Doll Lady and one of her artworks

Another creepy story again. In a small poor village, a woman loved giving away dolls to all the children of the village at their sixth birthday. A lovely action that soon will turn into something bad: a cursed doll that kills … or just a mere coincidence?
Either it’s true or false, you can find the story here.

the doll lady


11. The Island of the Dolls

A Mexico’s haunted Island where 1000s of creepy dolls hang from the trees. It’s believed that the hanging toys can appease the tormented screams of the ghost of a little girl died drowned there.
Would you like to read more about the legend and the truth behind it? Here is the official website.

the island of the dolls


12. Victorian Zombie Doll

This is a new doll by the international artist Shain Erin whose artworks are in collections throughout US, Canada, Norway, Germany, England, France and Australia.

victorian zombie doll by shain erin


So, are you not afraid of dolls? After seeing these ones you might change your mind and pray to not have terrible nightmares tonight.
Do you think dolls are given to kids as a toy? These 12 pieces might let you think they are rather a punishment.

How you or you children would grow if you had to play with this kind of toys?

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