Sea Turtle Saved From Death by This Superhero Kayaker


Nature and living beings on this planet can be very beautiful and precious. For someone (or anyone) they surely represent everything, a source of inspiration and a reason of life. Nature gives us life, fun, entertainment, love and everything else the “Creator” made available for us. For this reason, it happens, sometimes, that we may like the sea, swimming, sailing, animals, landscapes and keeping this planet safe and clean.

This may be what this kayaker thought when he made an unexpected encounter during his sailing. He was enjoying his moment – maybe with a lot of relax (Ed.) – when he saw something weird approaching his boat. He eventually discovered it was not really weird, but sad and in tremendous need of his help: a sea turtle tangled in a fishing net, right all around its neck.

This kayaker demonstrated to be a real superhero, at least for this beautiful and unique creature, and decided to rescue the turtle and save its life. As you will sea on this video, the turtle seemed not to be scared of the man at all, as if it was literally seeking and asking for his help and, fortunately, it found the right “saviour” whose intervention was really vital.

It’s not the first time a sea turtle or another sea creature get trapped in a fishing net or in another garbage we, humans, irresponsibly throw away in water – that should be precious as a source of life and not as a bin (Ed.).

Do you care of life and this planet? What would you have done if you were in the same situation?

Watch this video to discover what’s happened and share it so that it can be an example for the others all around the world and for our next generations.


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